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Our client purchased a semi detached 2 storey dwelling on North Circular Road, on the outskirts of Limerick city. The house was a dated 3-bed dwelling with poor daylight management. Our proposal involves opening up the ground floor to create a more modern and dynamic interior whilst extending the ground level to the rear to increase floor space allowing the penetration of south and west light (day and evening) directly into the main living spaces. A Phase 2 proposal has also been granted planning to involve a first floor rear extension accommodating a Master Suite as well as the creation of a double height entrance hall. The result is a functional open plan home that marries seamlessly with the clients daily lives and growing family.

Client: Private

Status: Complete

Year: 2017

Size: 85sqm


Courtney and her team were involved in the design of our home from the outset and they have been innovative and imaginative in coming up with a plan with which we are delighted. The blend of her personal style and an understanding of our desires led to a beautiful, practical, and unique home. We have found Courtney to be very thorough, approachable, quick and efficient and she is a pleasure to work with. 


Katie Harnett , Homeowner

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