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Come As You Are (CAYA) Cafe is a recently established co-working coffee club in Brixton, London. Working with a very tight budget, the brief involved dividing the premises to accommodate a bustling street side cafe to the front with a quiet yet interactive co-working zone to the rear.  The concept involved the use of natural materials, colour and planting to successfully interlace an inviting and vibrant cafe feel with a contemporary edge suitable for working professionals. The use of art and eye catching graphics&signage both internally and externally aim to promote the creativity of the brand as well as inspire the freelancers using the co-working areas. Many of the materials used were receycled and reworked to suit the needs and layout of the space.

Client: Caya Cafe

Status: Complete

Year: 2016

Size: 150sqm

Cafe Interiors London

Professional to the core, she listened to our business concept, understood our brand and the ethos behind CAYA, and translated this into practical designs that realised our vision. She comes to the table with a fresh outlook, brimming with innovative concepts and ideas, making working with her an absolute delight.


She is the designer of choice on our future projects - her approach and enthusiasm is an asset to any team and we are incredibly grateful to her for lending her talent to our fledgling start-up pro-bono.


Nita and Kate, Directors, CAYA

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