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This quaint cottage in Blackrock was previously a well established local bakery and was sold in 2018 with a change of use grant of planning permission for conversion to a single family dwelling. The previous layout included a small bakery space to the street with a raised full width counter top leading back to a central hall, with an industrial kitchen on one side and a large store room on the other. Our brief involved a full renovation and reorganisation of the layout to provide the client with a contemporary 2 bedroom dwelling with open plan living, utility room, large family shower room and ample storage.


The new design involves an angular circulation route from the original front cottage door to allow a large master bedroom to the left end of house along with a large shower room adjacent, a small double bedroom to the right hand side, and a hallway that enlarges towards the rear to contain a large utility and storage zone within its width as it opens through glass doors to a new L Shaped open plan living space. The design adopts the previous pitched roofs of the original cottage 

extensions, to create a butterfly effect roof-scape, drawing the eye upwards within the dining and living zones. The kitchen is positioned under a reduced levelled ceiling providing a sense of intimacy at the dining island and cooking zones. The colour scheme is dark with moody cabinets throughout the hallway and living spaces with pendants fittings highlighting the various ceiling pitches throughout the scheme. 

Client: Private

Status: Complete

Year: 2018

Size: 80sqm

rev 1.jpg
rev 1.jpg
Before Plan (1).jpg
After Plan.jpg
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